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Desecrated (2015)

A rich heiress and her friends head for a weekend of fun at her isolated ranch house in the middle of no man's land. They soon find that the caretaker's dark past, has taken him down a bloody killing spree.

IMDB: 3.50 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 693.29M
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 82
  • IMDB Rating: 3.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 61 / 175

The Synopsis for Desecrated (2015) 720p

A rich heiress and her friends head for a weekend of fun at her isolated ranch house in the middle of no man's land. They soon find that the caretaker's dark past, has taken him down a bloody killing spree.

The Director and Players for Desecrated (2015) 720p

[Director]Rob Federic
[Role:]Haylie Duff
[Role:]Michael Ironside
[Role:]Gonzalo Menendez

The Reviews for Desecrated (2015) 720p

Worst Movie EverReviewed bypetersslVote: 1/10

If I could give this movie the rated that I wanted, it would be a negative 100,000. It was so boring it was dreadful watching, like literally, it bored me to tears, I couldn't watch the entire movie, it was so awful. The actors and actress couldn't act, and my three year old son could have done a better job acting and putting this movie together. These people who created this "DUMB MOVIE" need to be banned from making MOVIES forever. I'm going to let RED BOX know that I want my MONEY back, I would like a CREDIT, because this MOVIE SUCKED very BAD.

Please DON'T BUY, or RENT, you would definitely REGRET IT.

If this movie made it to the MOVIES, I am very SURPRISED the People did not start a RIOT, and wanted their money back because this MOVIE ain't worth a PENNY. I wasted minutes of my life watching this DUMB MOVIE. If I was a ACTOR OR ACTRESS in this movie, or if I had produced this MOVIE, I would be too ASHAMED to tell anyone that I was apart of this movie, this is how BAD THIS MOVIE SUCK. So Buyers and Renter's Beware, don't waste your precious time, buying or renting this GARBAGE. Enough said, i'm out.

Really boring and unbelievableReviewed bysarah-havertyVote: 1/10

I can forgive low-budget films if the storyline is halfway decent. This is not one of those films; the dialogue is poorly written and horribly executed. The characters are snoopy and not very good at hiding it; each are altogether unlikeable, either having no personality or abrasive, and crude. I didn't think the antagonist was believable. I began to hope they would be killed, especially since they have no survival skills whatsoever, not even basic ones... I don't like that about slasher films in general. Honestly, of horror movies, I prefer ghost, demonic possession, or zombie movies. Zombie movies at least usually have a mix of characters with some that have some survival skills. A good Zombie movie I saw recently was Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, a good film, not perfect, but enjoyable. This slasher film simply wasn't worth making. I wish I could give this film a 0/10.

Biggest Joke For 2015Reviewed bygaryrob2008Vote: 1/10

In all actuality this "movie" was ready for release in 2012 then scheduled to be released in 2013 but I'm assuming that didn't happen because it was just THAT bad. If there were negative numbers on the voting scale it would have received a -3. So ultimately they got lucky because I HAD to rate it with a +1.

The premise for the movie wasn't the problem, it was poorly scripted along with a lack of background information regarding ALL the character's. Nothing made sense, nothing tied things together as to why they were happening. There was never any flow to the movie that held my interest. The ONLY reason I watched the whole movie was so that I could write this review and warn others from wasting their time.

Neg 3


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