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Going in Style (2017)

Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, three lifelong pals risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money.

IMDB: 6.742 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Crime
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  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 
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The Synopsis for Going in Style (2017) 720p

A reboot of the 1979 movie that was directed by Martin Brest and featured George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg. Three seniors, who are living social security check to check and even reduced to eating dog food at times, decide they have had enough. So, they plan to rob a bank...problem is, they don't even know how to handle a gun! A social commentary on growing old in America and what we are sometimes driven to, due to circumstances.

The Director and Players for Going in Style (2017) 720p

[Role:]Alan Arkin
[Role:]Morgan Freeman
[Role:Director]Zach Braff
[Role:]Michael Caine

The Reviews for Going in Style (2017) 720p

Reviewed bybankofmarquisVote: 7/10/10

The new film, GOING IN STYLE, is the equivalent of eating a GrilledCheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup on a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon -very familiar, very welcome and very comforting.  It's not going to winany Academy Awards or change the course of movie history, but this filmdelivers - competently and professionally - what it promises to deliverwith no fuss and no muss.

Starring film veterans Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin,GOING IN STYLE tells the story of how these three are pressed againstthe wall, financially, and their last resort is to rob a bank to getthe money they need.

And...it's fun...not hilarious...not groundbreaking, but fun.  Caine,Freeman and Arkin believably play 3 long time friends who are nearingthe end.  There is a comfort there with each other and it was pleasantto spend time with them.  Joining them was the one and only Ann-Margret and the always fun Christopher Lloyd (in, hands down, the bestperformance and most interesting character in the film).

Notice, I've used the words comforting, pleasant and pleasing.  I didNOT use the words groundbreaking, hilarious or epic.  I certainlyenjoyed myself and am glad I saw it.

And you will too, whether you see this film in the movie theater or runacross it as you are lying on the couch some rainy Sunday afternoon.

Letter Grade:  a solid "B"

7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (of Marquis)

Rating: BReviewed byMSB ReviewsVote: 7/10

When I saw that this movie was being released with this legendary cast, I was sure that it was going to be a blast. However, as reviews were coming out, the conclusion was that this was pretty much a mixed bag ... Well, I have to disagree with most critics because I do think this movie is super entertaining and that the critics are over-analyzing this great piece of art.

This is the type of movie where the cast plays a huge role. All of them, without a single exception, show how amazing they can be.?Morgan Freeman is very compelling,?Michael Caine is super captivating and?Alan Arkin is the funniest of them all. Their characters are extremely well-developed, everyone gets a reason behind the decision of taking revenge against their bank and that elevates the film when the "action" is going down?because I care so much about them.

The supporting cast is also amazing and they can't be forgotten:?Ann-Margret?remarkably plays Annie,?a very funny waitress,?Christopher Lloyd hilariously?plays?Milton, a crazy old man, and?Joey King (Brooklyn) is compelling as?Freeman's granddaughter. The chemistry of all cast is palpable and that alone deserves to be praised.

The plot is simple, there are some chuckles along the way and it's mostly fast-paced. The soundtrack is the surprise of the film for me, it's really cool and I honestly can't stop listening to it right now. Really good!

I don't want to say that this movie has flaws because this film wasn't created for someone to analyze every single detail and point out everything that is wrong with it. It's a family-friendly movie to watch at home on a Sunday afternoon when you just want to be entertained for an hour and a half.

From the very first scene together,?Morgan Freeman,?Michael Caine and?Alan Arkin?prove how much the cast's chemistry is important to a film. This film isn't incredibly funny, it isn't nothing that I haven't seen before, it follows every cliché that one would expect and it even drags a little bit midway through ... That doesn't mean I can't have fun and be entertained by some very well-developed characters portrayed by three unbelievable legends. The supporting characters are also great, the soundtrack is pretty cool, the film is mostly fast-paced and the humor is more than enough to satisfy me. It's just a good movie!

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Reviewed byrannynmVote: 10/10/10

Out of all of the movies that I have seen this year, this movie is byfar the funniest. Within five minutes, my stomach hurt because I waslaughing so much.

I love a comedic plot and Going In Style is exactly that - three oldermen try to rob a bank to obtain a better life. These lifelong friends,Willie, Al and Joe, are having personal struggles. Willie (MorganFreeman) desperately needs a new kidney. Joe (Michael Caine) is losinghis home. And, Al (Alan Arkin) is just pressured into robbing a bank.Joe thinks of making the idea a reality once their pensions arecanceled. Inspired by a robbery the men witnessed, Willie, Joe and Alare optimistic they can steal their deserved pension money, but aregoing to need help.

Morgan Freeman's portrayal of Willie is incredible. Given that Willieneeds a new kidney to better his life, Freeman's despair isheart-wrenching and he connects with the audience in a unique way,because he remains hopeful that he will feel better in the near future.Michael Caine really suits the role of Joe whose fearless personalityhelps accelerate the success of the robbery. Alan Arkin plays Al whoacts innocent at first, but once the robbery becomes a reality, you seehis wild side emerge and it is quite hilarious.

The costumes worn by Willie, Joe and Al are extremely entertaining.They wear masks that resemble famous people! In addition to this, thebank they plan to rob is very fancy. Seeing famous people walk into anelegant bank with guns and large bags is humorous to watch. My favoritepart is when Joe and Willie are watching television and TheBachelorette comes on. This scene had me laughing the entire timebecause I am a such a Bachelorette fan. Seeing these older men discussKaitlyn Bristowe's final pick was unexpected, but gave me a good laugh.

The message of this film is to chase after your dreams, no matter howold you are. If 70 year old men can rob a bank, then you can too. Allhumor aside, the film illustrates that nothing is impossible and youcan better your life if you want to. Hands down, this film deserves 5out of 5 stars. There are a multitude of jokes, action scenes and themotivation that these three men possess to reunite with their familiesand better their lives is so strong. It motivates me to jump over anyobstacle in my way and complete any task I need to. I recommend thisfilm to kids ages 13 to 18, because it leaves you with a smile on yourface. Even though it is about robbing a bank, kids know to notreplicate that, so I'm not concerned about them heading out to robtheir neighborhood bank.

There are a few shooting scenes, so please be mindful about who goes tosee this film. Adults will love this film as well, because they canrelate to the personal issues these men face. It has something foreveryone and if you have never seen three older men rob a bank, youdefinitely should.

By Samantha M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

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