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The Full Treatment (1960)

After surviving a traumatic car accident, a race car driver travels to the Cote D'Azur to recover but is plagued by an urge to strangle his wife.

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  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Run Time: 120
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The Synopsis for The Full Treatment (1960) 720p

High-strung race car driver Alan Colby is trying to recover from a serious head injury. Alan and his lovely new wife Denise go on vacation to the South of France for some much needed rest and relaxation. But Alan is having trouble resisting his more violent impulses. Suave local psychiatrist David Prade offers to help Alan out.

The Director and Players for The Full Treatment (1960) 720p

[Director]Val Guest
[Role:]Diane Cilento
[Role:]Claude Dauphin
[Role:]Ronald Lewis

The Reviews for The Full Treatment (1960) 720p

Some Val Guest Flourishes but Overall Lengthy and TediousReviewed byLeonLouisRicciVote: 6/10

Obscure Hammer Psychological Thriller Written and Directed by Val Guest.

Suffering a Head Injury resulting from a Car Crash, a Race Car Driver (Ronald Lewis) Cannot Perform on His Honeymoon and on top or that is Haunted by a Lust to Kill His New Bride (Diane Cilento).

He has Black Outs and is Forever Fighting the Urge, and eventually seeks a Psychiatrist (Claude Dauphin), a Friend of His New Bride.

1960 saw a Trend in "Psycho" Pictures and Hammer joined in Immediately. This being a Val Guest Film there are a Number of Interesting Camera Flourishes and is a Fun Film to Watch.

But the Fun is Interrupted Frequently by Repetitive Scenes and some Mysterious Things that Astute Viewers won't find that Mysterious.

Good Acting from the International Cast but They bring Heavy Accents to the Dialog, and there is a Lot of Dialog, and it can become Wearisome. The Extended Length (107-120 min depending) Doesn't Help as the Story tends to Lumber and Stretch the Plot beyond its B-Movie Capacity to Sustain.

Overall, Worth a Watch, but Ultimately Talky, Heavy Handed and the Constant Changing Tone that is a Result of the Protagonist's Confusion and the Fighting and Making Up, Fighting and Making Up, becomes Tedious. It's Burdensome at times and tends to make the Movie more Irritating than Intriguing.

Not bad, but still lesser Hammer.Reviewed byScott LeBrunVote: 6/10

At 108 minutes, the Hammer production "Stop Me Before I Kill!" is one of the longest movies that they made. It's a rather meaty story, and serves as a major showcase for three of its main actors, but isn't that satisfying overall. Written by producer & director Val Guest and author Ronald Scott Thorn, based on the latters' novel "The Full Treatment", it tells of a British race car driver, Alan Colby (Ronald Lewis), and his lovely Italian wife Denise (Diane Cilento), vacationing in France some time after a bad traffic accident in which the other driver had died. Alan fears for his sanity, and is now worried that he may have developed homicidal intentions towards his wife. They make the acquaintance of an eminent French psychiatrist, David Prade (Claude Dauphin), who attempts to help Alan deal with his issues.

This could and should have been a little more involving, as the premise is not bad and it's entertaining enough in watching psychiatric methods being employed. But the script by Guest and Thorn is so heavily laden with dialogue that it barely gives the story (not to mention the actors) a chance to breathe. It does have some good dialogue, and starts to go for more interesting visuals in its final third. The on location shooting, of course, is impeccable, which, along with the Megascope photography, helps to make the picture pleasant enough to look at. (To say nothing of sexy blonde Cilento). Dauphin, Cilento, and Lewis are all fine, and they're ably supported by Francoise Rosay as Prades' mother, and Bernard Braden as Colby's friend Harry. The filmmaking is pretty slick; it's just too bad that the scenario can't generate more suspense.

Certainly worth a look for devoted Hammer followers, but not one of their best.

Six out of 10.

Much Ado About Very LittleReviewed byRichard ChattenVote: 7/10

Although its running time, foreign locations, widescreen photography by top British cameraman Gilbert Taylor and international cast mark this out as one of the more ambitious productions on Hammer's production slate for 1960, 'The Full Treatment' (to give it it's original British title) remains one of Hammer's most obscure productions; and you'll know why once you've seen it.

Directed for all its worth by the usually reliable Val Guest, you keep wondering where all this earnest talk about Ronald Lewis's psychological - and sexual! - problems is actually leading (his hair-trigger temper comes across more as boorishness than emotional turmoil), and waiting for evidence of some sort of diabolical plot to emerge to justify listening to all this talk. The stunning Diane Cilento is amazing as usual, and fleetingly appears topless, but - oh dear! - that accent! Claude Dauphin has the most entertainingly written part, but the script's relentless determination to withhold the final 'twist' until absolutely the last possible moment simply tries the patience as various clues to upcoming plot developments - like the emphasis on the cable car - are sledge-hammered into the plot. The final 'revelation' about the motivation of one of the main characters had been so obviously telegraphed that it came as an acute disappointment when it proved not to be the simple red herring I had hoped for, but the film's punchline.

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