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The Gamma People (1956)

An American reporter smells a story when he is stranded in an Iron Curtain country where the local dictator is using gamma rays to transform children into mutated henchmen.

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The Synopsis for The Gamma People (1956) 720p

An American reporter smells a story when he is stranded in an Iron Curtain country where the local dictator is using gamma rays to transform children into mutated henchmen.

The Director and Players for The Gamma People (1956) 720p

[Director]John Gilling
[Role:]Paul Douglas
[Role:]Leslie Phillips
[Role:]Eva Bartok

The Reviews for The Gamma People (1956) 720p

Gamma GoodnessReviewed bySpace_MafuneVote: 6/10

A train-passage car carrying 2 reporters--one who resembles Prof. Quatermass a bit too much--accidently winds up breaking off from the rest of the train leaving the 2 men stranded in a strange little European country named Gudavia. Once there, they find they cannot leave as those running the country have other plans. They investigate and uncover a mad scientist's conspiracy to control the people by turning them all into slaves of the state with the help of a gamma ray machine. This movie is pretty outrageous and displays some serious leaps of logic. It also features a most unlikely change of heart in one of the main characters. Still the lead actors are likable and the film is silly fun.

British AmericanReviewed bydrystyxVote: 6/10

This is more of a light comedy than a science fiction thriller. It's actually a film about the different stereotypes of nationalities, beginning with the "ugly American" and the "waggish British" reporters.

The film always moves briskly, due more to clever writing, good casting, and strategic directing, than on effects and big money. This is a textbook film on how to make a film look like it's more action packed than it really is.

We know it's a spoof on the nationalities from the start, as the pair of reporters are oblivious to their train car being dislodged, by accident, and rolling into a "duchy" that resembles the European duchy we get in classics like THE INSPECTOR GENERAL, THE MOUSE THAT ROARED, and others.

The duchy citizens also play to part.

However, like most good films, this takes stereotypes and changes them into three dimensional characters, or at least two dimensional. The film makes sure it doesn't lose its light hearted approach. It has the cult look of a Rocky Horror in that regard, of taking stereotypes and making more out of them.

This is a fun film, and well done, obviously low budget. There are no dull moments, which is more than I can say for most big budget science fiction movies. Much of this is because the film creates a very good atmosphere.

Never underestimate "atmosphere" and "fundamentals". This film has both.

Weird combination of science fiction, political commentary and comedyReviewed byrobertguttmanVote: 7/10

This movie seems to be pulling in so many different directions at once that it's difficult to figure out exactly what the filmmakers were actually trying to achieve. Was this intended to be a science- fiction thriller, a political comment on totalitarianism, a comedy or perhaps all three at once? It certainly seems to be a bit of all three at various times, and sometimes all three at the same time. Perhaps it is for that reason that the cumulative effect is a bit bizarre and doesn't quite work. For example, if this movie wasn't intended to be a comedy then why did they cast Paul Douglas and Leslie Phillips, both of whom were known principally for playing comic parts, in the two lead roles? And why do the police who administer the supposed Police State in the movie go about dressed in comic opera uniforms and seem no more formidable than the proverbial "Keystone Kops"? Even the head of the police comes off as such a hopeless buffoon that it is impossible to feel the least bit intimidated by him. One gets the impression that the country in the film was supposed to represent a sort of miniature Nazi Germany or Stalinist Soviet Union, but it simply comes off as a slightly bonkers version of San Marino or Andorra, complete with the obligatory colorful folkways.

See this if you have never seen it, just for the experience of a film that is so truly strange that it is almost impossible to categorize under any single genre.

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