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The Soldier (1982)

Terrorists take over a plutonium bomb and threaten to detonate it in a Saudi Arabian oil field. A special anti-terrorist unit is sent in to stop them.

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The Synopsis for The Soldier (1982) 720p

The Russians steal a nuclear device and are stating that unless the Israelis pull out from the West bank, they will detonate it, which they have planted in an oil field and if it should go off; 50% of the World's oil will be contaminated. And the Israelis are unwilling to cooperate and the Americans knowing that they can't allow this are making preparations to force the Israelis off the West bank. The President then calls the Director of the CIA to do something about this. The Director assigns the agent who works outside the official channels codenamed the Soldier. He starts by trying to see if the Russians are indeed behind it but the Russians have him marked for termination. When he tries to contact the Director, the Russians placed a bomb in his office that leaves the soldier with no one but his team and the Israelis to help him.

The Director and Players for The Soldier (1982) 720p

[Director]James Glickenhaus
[Role:]Ken Wahl
[Role:]Jeremiah Sullivan
[Role:]Alberta Watson

The Reviews for The Soldier (1982) 720p

Not Oscar material, but...Reviewed byAlec WestVote: 7/10

When I first saw the film, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The acting, far from being bad, seemed more a realistic portrayal of how people might speak and act in the given situations. And, those who speak of it today as a 'relic' of Cold War times should take a good look at Russia today. There are those who don't particularly care for Vladamir Putin and the current status quo in government. And, the K.G.B. didn't go away, it just changed its name to the F.S.B. -- still very active in Russia and, perhaps, with elements unfriendly to the Russian status quo among their numbers. Nationalist candidates still only capture minority interest but this can change ... as can the F.S.B. The film portrayed fictional incidents in 1982. And, while those incidents might seem Cold Warrish in 2002, future events could alter that perception. I saw the film recently and like it better than when I first saw it.

scarry,even todayReviewed bydunsulsVote: 7/10

Although this is a cold war thriller,its topical today because the plot was to make it look like terrorists were behind this theft of nuclear material used to plant a bomb in Saudi oil fields and thus make the wests oil supply worthless.The acting was poor save for the fine turn by Alberta Watson as a Mossad agent.Also notable was a very brief bar room scene showing a young George Strait playing in the background.Believe me,that scene was better then the whole retched"Pure Country"movie.Klaus Kinski is also very cold in his brief apperance. Some parts are silly,but this is a movie after all.Don't expect the world,and you'll get a treat.

Great action!Reviewed bydouglas-erwinVote: 7/10

At the forefront of "80's" action films. Better than anything Chuck Norris except maybe Delta Force? The vehicle (limo) ambush is great and the undercover agents are awesome. The silo takeover is hardcore and eye opening. I saw it young and several times, enjoyed it every time. Rent it, hard to find on DVD.

Ken Wahl and his team are outstanding in the fight sequences. Joaquim Almeida has gained popularity lately with "Clear and Present Danger" villain Hector and "Behind Enemy Lines" Admiral Pique, NATO.

Looks like some stuff out of the Anarchists cookbook with the light bulb. I'm sure some dumb kid has tried it at one time or another.

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